Why you need to drink more water… period.

Hydration is key🔑. Did you know that drinking enough water daily helps:
✅Increase athletic performance ✅Reduce fluid retention/bloat ✅Improve liver, endocrine gland, and metabolic functions ✅Distribute nutrients to the body ✅Regulate blood volume & body temp

Take a moment and ask yourself, “am I drinking enough water?” @nasm_fitness recommends 3.3L for sedentary men and 2.2L for sedentary women 💦 You’ll need even more if you exercise regularly or are an athlete💕 And keep in mind, its important to hydrate before, during, and after your workouts 💪🏽 #stayhydratedmyfriends !!😘 #water @core #perfectlybalanced  #ad .

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