Beyonce drinks this… and you should too.

Did you know that after 🍋 lemonade @beyonce invested in 🍉WTRMLN ?!! Thats right 😉—- Im talkin about @wtrmlnwtr  🍉

Beyonce drinks this… and you should too.

Now that I have your attention by mentioning 👑 🐝 — let’s talk about the benefits of #wtrmlnwtr aka “liquid love.” 💚

When I heard that Beyoncé was a part of this brand, I just knew I had to try it! The company sent me some bottles to try — thank you @wtrmlnwtr 🙏🏽 And I just knew I really wanted to put it to the test before I shared my opinion with you here😉

So I decided to try it for the first time toward the end of one of my 12 hour work days —after a full day of filming 🎥 some super tough beach workouts 🏝 and before heading off to teach my last workout of the day on the bike @soulcycle 🚲. After teaching multiple high energy sculpt workouts on-camera in the sun ☀️ and sand, I have to admit I was feeling a little sluggish and the thought of grabbing that late afternoon second cup of coffee ☕️ before teaching again, did cross my mind (And for me— a second cup of coffee in the PM is a recipe for the disaster of me staying up all night😫) So thats when I decided to reach for the WTRMLN WTR instead. And I’m so glad I did💕 After drinking it, I went from kinda sluggish to feeling hydrated, energized, and ready to teach💪🏽The spicy 🌶 cayenne flavor in particular, was exactly what I needed for a little pick me up between workouts☺️ I honestly can say if you love Watermelon 🍉 like I do, then YOU’ll love WTRMLN WTR 😍

So I wanna know—- have you tried WTRMLN WTR yet? Are you game to try it? Was it me and my fun facts, or me just mentioning Beyoncé that convinced you😁?!! I know, you don’t even have to answer that last question 😍 JUST TAG YOUR FELLOW QUEEN BEY 🐝 FANS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW👇🏽so they too can join Bey and Che in hydrating the WTRMLN WTR 🍉 way😘 #drinkclean

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